Welded Pipes & Tubes
Cold rolled Stainless Steel strips are welded into tubes in the state of the art tube mills under fully automated precision process.
The manufacturing of pipes begins with slitting of strips of required width based on the diameter of the tubes to be formed. Stainless steel slitted strips are passed through a series of rollers and tubes are formed automatically on different stands with rolls and welded on fully automated process of TIG welding without the addition of filler metal. The welding head line is polished continuously with the help of automatic bead polishing machine to produce a perfect bore. The tubes are then passed through a series of sizing rolls to ensure ovality and tolerances.

Sunrise is equipped with a state-of  the-art polishing machine.
Tubes are then cut to length,
Solution Annealed,
Passivated and Polished before other Destructive and Non-destructive Testing & Despatch.

Plant Machineries
Tubes Line - 11 nos
Straightening - 2 nos
Automating Polishing machines - 11 nos
Furnace - 1 no
Pickling tank - 3 nos
TIG PLASMA TIG (TPT welding machine-Vega engineering, Taiwan) - 1 No
annealing of heat treatment, of the tubes is carried out in fully automated and conveyorequipped furnaces withe temperature recorders & controllers.it consists of heating the tubes to a specified temperature and immediate quenching in water thereafter.
after the annealing operation, the tubes are straightened with a straightening machine. in addition to giving a high degree of straightness, the tubes are also rounded up during the operation.
it is the removal of any high temperature scale and any adjacent low chromium layer of metal from the surface of stainless steel by chemical means.
it is the treatment of the surface of stainless steels, to remove contaminants and promote the formation of a continuous passive film on a freshly created surface.
The excellent properties of stainless steel tubes and pipes, including their high aesthetic & hygienic value, low manintenance and high durability, has led to an increased demand for polished tubes and pipes in architecture, general engineering, dairy & food-processing sectors, among others.
to meet such demands for high-quality externally polished tubes and pipes, sunrise is equipped with state of the art 11 Automatic polishing machines. A range of finishes, from 120 grit up to 12000 grit mirror finish, is made available requirements.
The kind of packing has to be determined on order placement.Usually packing is done on pallets with foil protection. Separate removal of each radius can be agreed at order placement.
if not agreed contrary, inspection certificate 3.1 B according to En 10204 is executed. If required test certificate. 3.1 C, by third party inspection can be provided. The TPI (third party inspection) has to be nominated. TPI inspection fees are covered br client.
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